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Martin Energy Group Project Examples

Martin Energy Group is serious about providing clean energy solutions for you. We offer cogeneration, power generation, demand response, microgrids, and energy from waste. The following Martin Energy Group project examples describe our previous experience in these various areas. Details about two of our projects are available for you below so you can get a better understanding of our work.

The Cayuga County, New York, project was already a green initiative. The company we worked with there, CH4 Energy, was using farm waste to produce energy. However, they needed to improve efficiency and save money on repair costs for the equipment they had at the time. We installed a full, high-level scope of supply, including a new CHP system, as well as a requested Energy Cube bio scrubber. If you, too, have specific energy and equipment requests, Martin Energy Group can work with you to supply appropriate solutions.

The Wooster Water pollution Plant in Ohio was struggling financially and could not meet EPA regulations. We installed a new 1.1 MW Caterpillar unit equipped with bio-gas dehumidification for their power generation needs. Additionally, we supplied new digesters that generated excess energy the plant could sell or use to offset their operation costs. This work created an energy and financial solution for the plant. Martin Energy Group will work alongside your company and project to create similar solutions that go beyond simply fulfilling energy needs.

There are many more Martin Energy Group project examples below that you can peruse to learn more about our work. Please keep in mind that these projects only give an idea of the Martin Energy Group portfolio, and we understand that different facilities will have different needs. You may not see an example that is identical to your situation. Even if this is the case, you can still confidently request our services. We are ready to provide unique solutions based on your individual needs and will work alongside you to ensure those needs are properly met.