Fuel: Propane
Output: 6.6 MW
Industry: Bottling Plant
Location: Cayey, Puerto Rico


CC1 Bottlers is a leading manufacturer, bottler, and distributor in Puerto Rico. Following Hurricanes Maria and Irma, Puerto Rico’s infrastructure was severely damaged, including its electrical infrastructure.

During the humanitarian crisis, CC1 provided liquids to the people on the island. In the event of another storm, CC1 was seeking a solution that would not hinder its manufacturing process.

A new CHP system would allow them to ride through events of this nature in the future as well as improve the efficiency of their manufacturing process.


Six Martin Energy CHP packages utilizing Siemens reciprocating engines were installed and can be fueled by propane or natural gas.

The system was configured for Island Mode for utility independence when required. Martin Energy coordinated all of the controls for the new generation system for seamless remote operation with full automation and remote monitoring.

Martin Energy installed these systems on time and within budget. CC1 is expected to experience cost savings and improved power quality than previously with the utility supply alone.

Manufacturing will continue to run without interruptions due to utility outages and future storms.