Blending, Fuel Blending gas engine control system is designed for gas engines used in applications where the energy quality of the fuel supply is variable, but where the customer wants to be able to supplement “Fuel 1with Fuel 2”. The Fuel Blending system combines natural gas with other fuels, adjusting the fuel mix continuously during engine operation to achieve desired power outputs or when one gas is in low supply. The Fuel Blending system consists of an engine controller that performs speed/load control, air-fuel ratio control, ignition control, diagnostics, and basic engine protection. These functions are structured so that the customercan implement only what is needed.

Switching, Also, some applications can be switched from “Fuel 1 to Fuel 2” and eliminate the costs associated with two fuel metering valves, and still accomplish the redundancy required with 2 fuel sources.

We can keep your engine running on depleted gas sources without you having to purchase a new engine.

Partial List of
MEGS Dual Fuel

  • New Belgium Brewery, CO 2012
  • Veolia WWTP, PA 2015
  • Veolia WWTP, FL 2016
  • Fort Wayne WWTP, IN 2015
  • Eau Clair WWTP, WI 2013
  • Tire Gas processing, ON 2012