Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generates electricity and uses normally wasted heat produced by a power plant to supply facility thermal loads (heating and cooling). This can benefit many hospitals because it can generate a significant part of your electrical power needs, lower operating costs due to reduced energy costs, increase your on-site power generation thus improving reliability and self sufficiency, increase your back-up capacity and operational ability during utility outages, potentially avoid costs for boiler replacements or diesel generator replacements and more.

A lot of concerns have risen amongst the healthcare system particularly in the event of losing power. Hospitals are a vital location for CHP because the grid is aging and needs refurbishment and, hence, is increasingly less reliable. Severe climate events resulting in utility outages which can severely affect a hospitals power, and there is need to improve resilience for older facilities.

Martin Energy Group’s CHP units also act as a backup generator and provide emergency power. Code changes require continued operations of vital departments in which case a CHP unit is beneficial.


We can supply the engine/generator, full heat recovery systems, a complete scope of gas handling & scrubbing systems, a climate controlled operator’s room, in one tightly integrated package including iron sponge types.

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