Martin Energy Group amongst its many capabilities, performs biogas upgrading solutions which is also referred to as biogas cleanup (Bio CNG, RNG, etc.). This method of upgrading renewable natural gas (RNG) and compressed natural gases (CNG) provides optimal gas cleaning which may include pipeline quality clean up for re-injection to the traditional utility gas network as well as 24/7 service support.

Martin Energy Group has a standing relationship with Bright Biomethane to perform biogas upgrading efficiently while remaining cost effective, Martin Energy Group & Bright Biomethane have formed an EXCLUSIVE working relationship to both sell, manufacture and support the Bright System in the US.

How does it work?

Biogas upgrading or cleanup is a process where contaminants in the raw biogas stream are absorbed or scrubbed, leaving more methane per unit volume of gas.

Biomethane is produced by converting biomass and waste, such as manure, agricultural waste, and food products via anaerobic digestion into biogas. The biogas contains a majority of CH4 and CO2 and is upgraded or “cleaned” in a biogas upgrading system. If required excess moisture is present, it is removed by the system to improve quality and performance of the gas stream.

During the digestion process many other chemical components are produced, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), air, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrogen, Volatile Organic Components (VOCs) and siloxanes. Upgrading of biogas to natural gas by membrane gas separation means that CO2 and other undesired components are filtered out resulting in the “cleanup” or upgrading.”


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