Carbon to Kilowatts

The words sustainability and green are more than buzzwords. They are vital keys to the profits of businesses and their relationships with customers.

Sustainable food production makes a huge impact on people and the environment. Food production can affect water quality, air quality, oceans, fresh waters, and land use. Martin Construction Resource (MCR) implements proven methods to make positive changes while boosting profitability and marketability.

Going Green Beyond Marketing

Pollution Reduction

Sewage fees account for an average of 20% of a food processor’s overhead costs. Meeting those concentration targets are difficult today. Reduce high concentration of organic components with MCR technology.

Carbon Footprint

Produce quality food products while positively impacting the local environment.

Recover Valuable Resources

Green growth is not only desirable and achievable, but also essential if ‘carbon footprint’ requirements are to be met. A growing number of food system installations run with biogas obtained by anaerobic treatment of industrial waste.

MCR positively promotes the recovery of biogas through anaerobic digestion and its effective use as fuel. MCR designs and supports anaerobic digester systems throughout three decades of success. Food processors are seeking solutions to realize greater energy efficiency and environmental load reduction.

By using MCR’s biogas fuel system solutions, we provide a means of increasing output while managing scarce natural resources. Besides, we also reduce carbon intensity and environmental impacts throughout the supply chain, leverage carbon sequestration, and conserve biodiversity.

Processors are increasingly coming under pressure from clients and stakeholders to make their operations more environmentally friendly.

MCR’s biogas solutions are a licensed technology that can be used to ensure greener distillery operations and lower-cost energy efficiencies. A food manufacturer can reduce costs and waste by using biogas from its wastewater treatment plant as an energy source to power its operations.

The biogas produced from the treatment of wastewater can contribute between 15% and 20% of a plant’s energy requirements, reducing the need to buy increasingly expensive energy sources. MCR is a proven and reliable partner for any winery operation.

As a nation, we love good food, but we don’t often think about the environmental impact or the social change we can harness from everyone’s love of the beverage.