Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

As part of our integrated complete control systems package, Martin Energy Group has developed Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems that provide cost-effective solutions for your wide range of needs. Our SCADA systems provide customized control and monitoring capabilities that meet the specific needs of each site. Our SCADA systems are engineered and developed “in-house,” and eliminate the need for a third-party developer to try to integrate with the plant. As a client, you can bring your needs directly to our controls and automation specialists who will develop and design the software to your specifications. This allows the SCADA system to interface directly with the switchgear & power plant controls that are provided as a complete package.

SCADA control systems are designed to connect remotely to virtually any site with Internet access. This allows the client to access the system to monitor the site, control gensets, and download event logging with date/time stamping. The system also has several layers of security for access to commands. Operator name and password authentication controls the amount of access allowed by different personnel. The SCADA control systems can also be modified and upgraded as the site needs and parameters change. Additional features can be added to the generator controls based on operating needs and requirements.

Features & Options:

  • Complete Plant Control & Integration
  • Real-Time Data & Historical Trending
  • Annunciation of Alarms & Events
  • Remote Control & Support
  • Intuitive Graphical Interfaces
  • Real-time data export to spreadsheet programs
  • Auto-dialer, pager, and text-messaging capabilities