Martin Energy Group provides units that combust waste to produce energy. Energy recovery from waste is the conversion of non-recyclable waste materials into usable heat, electricity, or fuel through a variety of processes, including combustion, anaerobic digestion and landfill gas recovery.

Using waste as a combustion material can reduce landfill volumes by over 90%. Waste to energy prevents one ton of CO2 release for every ton of waste burned and eliminates methane that could leak with landfill disposal.

Combustion can not only decrease the volume of solid waste destined for landfills, but also recovers energy from the waste burning process. This process generates a renewable energy source and reduces carbon emissions by offsetting the need for energy from fossil sources. Methane generation produced from landfills is also reduced.


We can supply the engine/generator, full heat recovery systems, a complete scope of gas handling & scrubbing systems, a climate controlled operator’s room, in one tightly integrated package including iron sponge types.

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