Martin Energy Group designs, assembles, manufactures and installs Power Generation equipment in the USA. Our equipment is assembled in Tipton, MO and Ephrata, PA using USA labor-force.

Our equipment is manufactured to UL, NEMA and ASME standards.

Our Power Generation modules are also EPA certified for emissions. MEG is a combined heat and power packager with capabilities to package genset packages using multiple engine manufacturers. We customer design and package most components in house. We do not outsource packaging to other shops, except for contracted sub-shops manufacturing components for various sub-assemblies. This brings a comprehensive range of resources to the industry that have made our company stand out as a leading manufacturer of electrical power penetration equipment. We have provided a brief overview of our range and capabilities for your consideration. Martin Energy Group provides in house designing and manufacturing of complete power plant packages, including Resilient CHP Systems, Tri-generation Packages, Successful MicroGrid Systems, Modular Enclosure Packages, Critical Power with Island and Black-Start Capability and Alternative Fuels and Fuel Blending Systems supported by our advanced Engine/Generator Controls, Switchgear, and SCADA Systems.


We can supply the engine/generator, full heat recovery systems, a complete scope of gas handling & scrubbing systems, a climate controlled operator’s room, in one tightly integrated package including iron sponge types.

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