Ordered: 2013

Type: Complete Mix Technology

Location: Mt. Joy, PA

Herd Size1,100 Dairy Cows
Co-digestionFood Waste
AD DesignComplete Mix System
Electricity Output450 kw

The Yippee Farms digester digests cow manure from 3 dairies and organics such as cheese whey and brewery wastes that would otherwise have been buried in a landfill. Heat from the genset is used to warm the farmhouse, an adjacent 10-bedroom bed and breakfast provides hot water to both residences as well as for use in the dairy operation.


The digester makes the farm more sustainable by:

• Producing renewable green electricity for the farm and selling excess to the utility

• Recovering digester solids for garden compost and replacing purchased cow bedding

• Recycling manure nutrients in a plant friendly form to improve the Susquehanna River

• Reclaiming nutrients from food waste to grow more food

• Improving air quality by eliminating odors and greenhouse gas emissions