Location: Leamington, ON

Leamington, is a municipality in Essex County, Ontario, Canada. With a population of 28,400, it’s the second largest municipality in the Windsor-Essex County area. It includes Point Pelee, the southernmost point of mainland Canada. Leamington is a big part of the Ontario green-house vegetable-producing powerhouse accounting for 64% of the Canadian greenhouse vegetable and fruit sales with most of the Leamington area being vegetable sales.

Great Lakes Greenhouses, Inc. is a full service producer of hydroponic cucumbers, growing and packaging fresh, high quality seedless cucumbers in a state-of-the-art facility. With electricity rates at an all-time high, the timing was right to purchase power generation equipment and isolate the plant from the grid and become a stand-alone power plant.

Two 1,000 kWe natural gas Dresser-Rand engine/generators were installed with a complete waste heat recovery system and thermal metering package to verify and monitor the process hot water. Utility Grade-Switchgear and Synchronization equipment was installed along with the integration of diesel back-up systems for emergency. The gensets automatically start/stop and load track the entire plant loads with remote access and operation.

• Location – Leamington, Ontario

• Fuel Type – Natural gas

• Island Mode Plant Operation

• Plant Load Tracking

• Redundant Diesel Back-up

• Electrical Production – 2000 kWe

• Switchgear & Engine Controls

• Waste Heat Recovery System

• Thermal Metering Equipment

• 24 / 7 Plant Operations