Bakersfield is located in the San Joaquin Valley of California, where it sits on the southern end of the Central Valley within the Kern County boundaries. The city is 110 miles north of Los Angeles and about the same distance from Fresno. Bakersfield has a very diverse economy, with the most productive oil producing county in CA. and the fourth most productive agricultural county in the US.

Old River Dairy has approximately 8,500 milking cows, replacement heifers and dry cows. Using a double-cell covered-lagoon digester to process manure into biogas and

generate renewable electricity for export to PG&E’s distribution grid. The covered lagoon also provides biogas storage giving this site a unique edge by being an energy storage facility that is available on-demand.

Two 1 MW biogas engine /generators are installed in modular enclosures with roof mounted Emissions Reduction & Control Systems, pad mounted dump radiators and slurry heaters. A biogas de-humidification, gas compression and H2S Scrubber System are also modular and pad mounted for ease of installation, access and maintenance. The scope of the project also required enhanced mixing technology and installation of state-of-the-art supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Facility Quick Facts

• Location – Bakersfield, CA USA

• Fuel Type – Bio gas

• 2.8 Million Gallon Digester

• Utility Peak Shaving Capability

• Electrical Production – 2 MW

• Switchgear & SCADA Controls

• Bio-gas Treatment System

• Digester Slurry Heater System

• Exhaust Emissions Treatment

• Renewable Energy Storage Facility