Wooster, Ohio is located in northeastern Ohio approx-imately 50 miles south-west of Cleveland and 35 miles west of Akron. It is home to about 29,000 people. Wooster is also the site of the famous (College of Wooster), founded in 1866 with 240 acres of campus and housing close to 2,600 students.

The Wooster Water Pollution Plant was facing over-whelming economic challenges and in frequent violation of EPA Regulations. With the facility built in the 1960’s, the digester infrastructure was in dire need of an upgrade to meet EPA requirements. As a solution these facilities were retrofitted, upgraded including the installation of new di-gesters that meet the throughput demands of a growing community while also generating excess energy that may be sold to the local utility or used to offset the treatment plant’s operating costs.

A 350 kW bio-gas engine/generator was removed and replaced with a new 1.1MW Caterpillar unit equipped with bio-gas Dehumidification, and an Exhaust Heat Recovery System to capture heat for the anaerobic digesters and process hot water. The scope of the project also required enhanced mixing technology and installation of state-of-the-art supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Facility Quick Facts

  • Location – Wooster, Ohio USA
  • Fuel Type – Bio-gas
  • 1.8 Million Gallon Digesters
  • Solids Receiving Station
  • Electrical Production – 1.1 MW
  • Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery
  • Bio-gas Treatment System
  • Slurry Heater System
  • Powered by Renewable Energy
  • Exporting 40% of the power

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