Burn Waste or Surplus Gas From Industrial Operations

Martin Energy Group manufactures simple but robust bio-gas flares that are ideal for agriculture anaerobic digesters, landfills, sewage digesters, chemical plants, or petroleum refineries. The gas flare provides a control device for regulated vent streams and handles non-routine emissions. These bio-gas flares use a high-temperature oxidation process to burn combustible components of waste gases -mostly hydrocarbons – from industrial operations.

During combustion, gaseous hydrocarbons react with atmospheric oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water. Most every landfill or digester plant generates some amount of surplus gas which will need to be discharged. However, releasing the waste gas into the atmosphere is illegal. The most efficient way to dispose of the surplus gas is to simply burn it off.

Martin Energy Group manufactures bio-gas flare systems that range in size from quite small to very large. The biogas flare system is skid mounted and can incorporate gas blowers, condensate pots, and all the necessary interconnecting piping and valves. The system also comes with a complete control package which allows remote control and monitoring, giving you state-of-the-art bio-gas equipment with cutting-edge communications technology.

Typical Flare System

  1. Skid assembly for easy and quick site installation
  2. Gas collection header and piping
  3. Knock-out water pot to remove & store condensate
  4. Flame arrestor to prevent flash-back
  5. A single or multiple-burner unit and flare stack
  6. Gas pilots and igniter for ignition of gas & air mixture
  7. Control system for remote operation and monitoring