Ordered: 2018
Type: Complete Mix Technology
Location: Roaring Branch, PA


The Remley Farm, Roaring Branch, PA – Tioga County

The 180-kilowatt engine-generator at Remley Family Farm went online with Penelec Feb. 15, 2018. The farm’s anaerobic digester system takes animal manure and food waste (that would otherwise have been buried in a landfill) and converts it into fuel and fertilizer.


The digester makes the farm more sustainable by:

• Producing renewable green electricity for the farm and selling excess to the utility

• Recycling manure nutrients in a plant friendly form to improve the local watershed

• Reclaiming nutrients from food waste to grow more food

• Improving air quality by eliminating odors and greenhouse gas emissions

The project was funded in part with grants from USDA Rural Development, NRCS, and the Commonwealth Finance Authority of Pennsylvania. Renewable Energy funding programs such as these have historically helped many family owned farms to become owner-operators of renewable energy systems without the need for outside investor-developers.

The Remley Digester is Martin Construction Resource’s 19th on-farm anaerobic digester installation in Pennsylvania since the first one built in Lancaster, PA at Rocky Knoll Pig farm in 2000.