Ordered: 2014

Type: Complete Mix System

Location: Queensland, Australia

Livestock40,000 Finishers/Growers
AD DesignComplete Mix System MCR Hybrid H2s Scrubber
Electricity Output250 kw

Cameron Pastoral Piggeries – Goondiwindi, QLD, Australia

Operating two hog farms on propane and diesel was becoming cost prohibitive for Ken Cameron. Diesel fuel is trading at over $1.50/liter and propane costs are 25% of the farm’s expenses, with the challenges being both energy cost and price volatility.


MCR Complete Mix, Digester System & The MCR Hybrid H2S Gas Scrubber. The MCR digester eliminates propane and mitigates odors.

MCR continues its commitment to sustainable practices by converting manure into environmentally friendly energy. This digester generates renewable energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions while supporting livestock farming in the Outback.