Ordered: 2013
Type: Complete Mix Technology
Location: Queensland, Australia

Darling Downs Fresh Eggs (DDFE) is planning to double their expansion by 2016, while maintaining a high level of environmental and animal welfare standards. DDFE was faced with the challenge of strengthening their already comprehensive food safety program with a more advanced compost and waste processing solution, to accommodate growth and sustainability.


MCR Heated, Mixed, Covered Lagoon System.

The project decreases solids in storage lagoons, makes electricity, and mitigates odors. Additional secondary hot-water pipes were run to the farm’s egg wash facility and rearing sheds as pre-heat water. DDFE is successfully decreasing the use of fossil fuels, while using renewable energy for heat.

MCR continues its commitment to sustainable practices by converting the manure into environmentally friendly energy. This digester generates renewable energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions while supporting Australian waste management policy.