2017 Powergen Conference Best Global CHP project

At the 2017 Powergen Conference the Best Global CHP project was awarded to NRG for their “Green Headquarters.” The 130,000 square foot ultra-green building showcases the best in energy efficiency and onsite power generation technologies. And who did they ask to package this world renown CHP project?

The best kept secret in power generation solutions — Martin Energy Group.

For almost fifty years, Martin Energy Group has quietly focused on quality, craftsmanship, and performance. While many industry competitors were claiming value and shining a spotlight on themselves, this family business has been busy fixing the mistakes of others. In the process, Martin has built a fanatically loyal customer base that values their industry expertise and commitment to honoring promises.

Martin Energy has completed over 500 projects in North America, Europe, Australia, and Central and South America. Their expertise extends to Generator Packages, Turnkey Cogeneration Systems, Microgrids, and Anaerobic Digester Design & Construction among others. Unlike many of their industry competitors, Martin will package for any engine manufacturer making them the versatile choice for performance and cost savings.

Project applications have included Greenhouses, Hospitals, Hotels, Universities, Landfills, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Industrial, Agriculture AD, Mining, Oil fields, Data Centers, and many others. Martin is equally comfortable installing products in remote regions as they are on the roofs of skyscrapers in the world’s largest cities.

Martin Energy has the capacity to supply and service the full range of power generation products including generator sets, switchgear, gas handling skids, waste heat recovery systems, absorption chilling systems, carbon credit monitoring systems, and much more.

To assist your project, Martin Energy works with some of the finest engineering companies in the world in conjunction with its industry leading in-house electrical and mechanical engineering team.

Martin Energy Group is becoming the first choice in complete energy solutions for clients who require quality, performance, and expertise.