Ordered: 2016
Industry: Greenhouse
Location: Ontario, Canada

Client was experiencing high electric rates. They were also having difficulty with unstable and unreliable power from their local utility. They were in the process of expanding their operation and felt the utility could not support the extra load. Client was in a residential area where there was concern about noise levels. The client already had non-automated diesel standby generation.

Proposed two 1MW Siemens stand-alone CHP units configured for island mode operation, in sound-attenuated enclosures. Martin would coordinate all of the controls for the new and existing standby systems with full automation and remote monitoring. Proposal included heat recovery for lowering existing thermal load for greenhouses.

Installed on time and within budget. Noise levels are very low. No complaints or issues have been reported from nearby residential properties. Client experiences more reliable power at a much more affordable rate. All systems are fully automated and monitored remotely by our technicians. Thermal recovery reduced existing heat system load. Financial project payback for client was less than 3 years.