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Asco Series 300 Transfer Switches -NEW-

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Comments: 3NTS Features:
•ASCO Non-Automatic Transfer Switches are electrically held, and manually initiated via soft keys on the user interface panel.
•Sizes range from 30 through 3000 amperes.
•Microprocessor based controller provides for addition of optional accessories.
•Controller prevents inadvertent operation under low voltage condition.
•Source acceptability lights inform operator if sources are available to accept load.
•Source inphase monitor to transfer motor loads between live sources.
•Two auxiliary contacts closed when transfer switch is connected to normal and two closed on emergency standard feature 14AA/14BA.

Series 300 Delayed Transition
Transfer Switching (3ADTS/3NDTS)
ASCO Delayed Transition Transfer Switches are designed to provide transfer of loads between power sources with a timed load disconnect position for an adjustable period of time.

3ADTS/3NDTS Features:
•Sizes from 150 through 3000 amperes.
•Reliable field proven dual solenoid operating mechanisms.
•Mechanical interlocks to prevent direct connection of both sources.
•Adjustable time delay for load disconnect (0 to 5 minutes).
•Available in manual operation configuration (3NDTS).
•Available with optional load shed feature for (3ADTS).

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