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2004 Martin Genset 200kW

Unit Stock #2204

Re-con price: $23,500

As-is price: $19,500

Price Comment: $19,500 load tested & serviced; $23,500 fully reconditioned, with warranty

Location: Latham, MO

Condition: Nice hospital take-out

Availability Status: Sold

Year of Mfr.: 2004

Unit Hours: 279

Genset Brand: Martin Machinery

Genset Model: MJD-200

Genset Serial #: M031004780

Frame: Skid only

Fuel Tank: None

Fuel Tank - Wall: Single Wall

Enclosure: No

Sound Insulated: No

Radiator: Frame mounted

kW Rating: 200

kW Rating Type: Standby

Gen End Brand: Newage

Brush: Brushless

Bearing: Single Bearing

Number of leads: 12

Phase: 1 or 3

Voltage setup: 120/240 60 Hz

Voltage capability: Reconnectable

Breaker included: Yes

Breaker Amps: 800

Engine Brand: John Deere

Engine Model: 6081A

Engine Serial #: RG6081A164157

Fuel type: Diesel

HP @ RPM: 300 HP @1800 RPM

Engine electrical system: 12VDC

Genset Options: Radiator, Breaker, Control Panel, Block Heater

Comments: Very clean hospital take-out, with auto start control panel, block heater, in-line fuel heater (will include muffler & flex connector if sold as reconditioned unit)
Genset can be connected for 200KW 3 Phase (120/208V 3PH or 277/480V 3PH or 120/240Vdelta) or 140KW at 120/240V 1PH

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Unit Stock #2204

Re-con price: $23500 As-is price: $19500

Unit Stock #2204

Re-con price: $23500 As-is price: $19500

Unit Stock #2204

Re-con price: $23500 As-is price: $19500